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Welcome to PowerSchool�s Public Portal, now connecting the school with home. PowerSchool helps your student�s school access and maintain student, staff, and schedule information. The PowerSchool Public Portal is a tool that is specifically developed for parents and students. This portal give each access to real-time attendance, grades and detailed assignments, and even personal messages from the teacher. Students can now stay on top of assignments, absences and grades, while parents are able to more fully participate in their student�s progress.

Here is an example of an assignment description.

Other information is available by visiting other screens, such as attendance history, email notification, and school bulletin. Please read below to find out more about these features.

Email notification Screen

PowerSchool�s email feature allows you to receive timely information about your child�s attendance and grades, the daily bulletin and balance alerts. You have a choice of what information you want sent, how often and where. Please enter you email address even if you do not wish to have notifications sent. The information automatically put in the student record, just like phone numbers, for school contact if necessary. Don�t forget to press submit.